Periodontic Treatment

Periodontal Disease is a serious oral condition, and is the leading cause of tooth loss in the United States. Our staff of highly skilled hygienists, along with Dr Smith, are dedicated to the proper diagnosis and treatment of this harmful condition. SoJo Dental can aid patients in recognizing periodontal disease, provide treatment options and support patients as they improve their oral health.


What to Expect with Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal disease treatment can include surgical options, which are performed by a specialist, or non-surgical options provided by dental hygienists on our staff. Some severe cases of periodontal disease require referral to a Periodontist, a specialty provider who can treat all types of periodontal and bone disease.

What should I expect if I need periodontic treatment?

Treatment at our office includes use of local dental anesthetic and occurs in typically 2-3 appointments, followed by a specific recall schedule for periodontal maintenance visits. Periodontal maintenance takes the place of routine oral cleanings, and ensures that the periodontal disease has been arrested, and that your mouth returns to a healthy state. Through careful monitoring of your oral tissues and patient education, our practice has been very successful at helping our patients affected by periodontal disease.

The placement of dental inlays is a relatively easy dental procedure and typically requires just two office visits. The first visit consists of obtaining a tooth impression, which is then sent to a dental lab where an exact mold of the tooth area is created. A temporary inlay is put into place at this point. The second visit involves completing the inlay by replacing the temporary inlay with the permanent one.

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